Create Dynamic and Creative Sequences Your Students Will Love


Planning new accessible yoga class sequences doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. Let me show you how to leverage my intuitive sequencing process to make the process fast, easy and fun!

Spend Less Time Struggling to Create New Sequences and Have More Fun Teaching Them

Are you tired of spending hours on new sequences only to wind up with something that looks and feels a lot like your “standard class?” Feel like you’ve fallen into a rut with your flows and as a result teaching isn’t as fun as it used to be? Wish you knew how to change things up in a way that feels authentic and easy?

I totally get it. Once you’ve been teaching for awhile, it’s easy to find yourself cycling through a handful of tired class plans without even realizing that it happened. Teaching your classes is a little less fulfilling and students seem a little less excited about each class than they used to be.

Things start to feel a bit flat. And while no one is complaining about it, you feel a little like you’re phoning it in every time you start a class. You know you could offer more to your students, but it’s hard to come up with flows that feel like they are authentically your own. You’re in a rut.

It doesn't have to be that way.

What if it was easy to create new and fun yoga flows to support and challenge your students? What if you felt energized and excited by teaching? What would it be like if your students told you how excited they were to come to class? What would change for you if you fell in love with teaching again?

It’s totally possible and you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Dynamic & Creative Sequencing with Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy teaches on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Get Ready to Fall in Love With Teaching Again

Learning how to sequence yoga classes that inspire students and are fun to create will change how you teach yoga―and it will increase the demand for your classes.

In the Creative and Accessible Sequencing Course, Dianne Bondy teaches you her process for creating engaging and intuitive yoga classes that students love. She gives you the tools and knowledge to create flows that will be fun to create and to teach.


Supercharge Your Sequencing Skills

Learn how to create dynamic and accessible sequences from Dianne Bondy, using her intuitive sequencing process and leveraging her 20+ years of experience teaching yoga to every kind of body.

Gain Confidence in Your Teaching

Easily create unique sequences with less stress and feel more prepared for each class.

Make Your Sequences More Accessible

Learn how to customize your yoga flows on-the-fly to accommodate the students in your classes.

Learn How to Change Up Your Flows to Keep Your Classes Fresh and Fun

Engage your students week after week by adding new ways to move through and experience asana.

Think About Sequencing Differently, Making You a Better Teacher

Break out of the box and learn to create sequences and transitions that are uniquely your own.

Learn Dianne's Intuitive Sequencing Process

Students in Dianne’s classes always comment on her fun, flowing sequences that support new yogis in their practices and challenge more experienced practitioners. In this course, Dianne will share her secrets and teach you to: 

  • Put together sequences that are fun to create–and teach–using your favorite poses and variations
  • Link asana together seamlessly with transitions that are natural, feel good in your body, and are easy to remember
  • Theme your classes so that every class is a full experience that engages mind, body, and spirit
  • Adapt your sequences on-the-fly to suit the students in class, making your classes accessible to more students

What Yoga Teachers Are Saying

Challenged. Grounded. Affirmed.
Dianne's teaching style is one where you feel both held, and invited to investigate possibility. She is EXACTLY the person you want by your side if you're feeling unsure, not ready or anything that's holding you back. The best I can describe learning with Dianne is that it feels like she is handing you a cup of tea, taking you by the hand and saying, "LET'S DO THIS!" in ways which are simultaneously challenging, grounding and affirming.
Fiona Sutherland
Yoga Teacher
Warm. Humble. Human.
You will learn so much more from this training than from the "regular" one-size-fits-all trainings out there. Dianne combines authority, expertise and personal insight with a really warm, humble and human touch. Her energy, even via the screen, is emboldening and empowering - and crucially, she encourages you to be curious and critical with the questions she invites you to consider.
Aliya Mughal
Yoga Teacher
Conscious. Considerate. Confident. Practicing with Dianne has made me a more conscious and considerate teacher. I always tried to teach to the individual but I don’t think I totally understood how until I practice with Dianne. I feel more acceptance in my own practice and confident in creating an accessible atmosphere for my students. I would highly recommend trainings with Dianne. Her knowledge and intuition is profound.
Jasmine Wild
Yoga Teacher

What You Get

This course includes over 7 hours of video instruction, 11 downloadable workbooks with interactive lessons and templates you can use right away to plan your classes and more!

Module 1: Creating Student-Focused Sequences

Successful yoga teachers know it's critical to meet students where they are on the mat. In the first two lessons of the course, you'll learn how to create dynamic, intuitive and accessible yoga sequences that both support and challenge the students who come to your classes.

Module 2: Foundational Sequences

Get ready to change the way you teach! In the next four lessons, you will explore how to sequence floor-based and chair-based yoga classes through the lenses of accessibility and intuitive movement. Gain confidence in your transitions and experiment with changing vinyasa yoga into a hands-free, accessible practice.

Module 3: Specialized Sequences

Modern postural yoga is changing as more people are called to the mat. In the next five lessons, you'll learn how to sequence chair yoga for low and high mobility, practice sequencing against the wall and explore creating a HITT yoga class for those looking for a cardiovascular challenge on the mat.




Dial It Up, Dial It Down Sequence Template

Easily adapt sequences for whoever comes to class.

Every yoga class is a mixed levels class whether you want it to be or not.

Teaching to a mixed levels class doesn’t have to be hard. Learn how to make every sequence you teach accessible to a variety of abilities and experience levels quickly and easily using this template.


Downloadable Companion Workbook

Reference tool jam-packed with sequencing goodness.

Get 48 pages of Dianne’s notes, sequences, and the  worksheets used in the course in an easy to download workbook.

Save time taking notes now and easily refer back to specific lessons or sequences anytime the creative urge strikes!


Access to Dianne's Monthly Invite-Only Live Class

Once a month Dianne hosts and invite-only Asana class.You will get the invite each and every month

Have questions about the course material, stuck on sequencing challenge or wondering how to make your yoga classes more accessible?

Ask your questions on the call and Dianne will answer them during the class.

About Dianne Bondy

About Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and the leader of the Yoga For All movement.

Her inclusive approach to yoga empowers anyone to practice—regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability. Dianne is revolutionizing yoga by educating yoga instructors around the world on how to make their classes welcoming for all kinds of practitioners.

Dianne skits in shoelace pose with hands in garuda mudra.

What Yoga Teachers Are Saying

Enthusiasm & Honesty.
Dianne is an excellent teacher who not only gives you ideas for pose variations but teaches you to find YOUR variations. Her enthusiasm and honesty are very easy to relate to and whether in person or online you always feel like Dianne is teaching to you, not just the room or the camera.

Dianne's teachings are truly a vehicle to a deeper practice not simply a stop along the way.
Eva Marie Schumacher
Yoga Teacher
Changed My Perspective.
I was ecstatic when I discovered your Yoga For All course. Yoga publications lead people (perhaps not intentionally) to believe that those who practice yoga must look a certain way and move a certain way. Although, I am a certified instructor, Dianne was the first person I met who publicly proclaimed that there was no one "body type" to benefit from yoga. That totally changed my perspective. Before that, I was striving to make my body conform to postures not designed for me. Learning modifications was huge.
Belinda Todd
Yoga Teacher
Smart & Compassionate.
Dianne is one of the smartest and most compassionate teachers I’ve had the good fortune to learn from. The work she’s doing is so important and crucial- I firmly believe that her Yoga for All Program should be required in every teacher training program around the world.

Dianne is an amazing and thoughtful teacher and I can’t wait to see what she offers next!
Rosie Townsend
Yoga Teacher

Skip Years of Trial and Error

You could spend twenty years figuring it out on your own. And you could spend $600+ on a sequencing intensive at your local yoga school and hope you learn something different from what was taught in your 200-hour program.

OR, you can cut out the wasted time, skip ahead and learn exactly how to create classes that feel more like your own faster than you ever have before. All from the comfort of your own home.

Take Your Sequencing to the Next Level

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Dynamic and Creative Sequencing

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  • Creating Student Focuses Sequences
  • Foundational Sequences
  • Specialized Sequences
  • Dial it up/Dial it Down Template - Bonus
  • Creative Sequencing Workbook
  • MasterClass - Bonus
  • Access to the Monthly Invite only Master Classs
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Sequencing Course & 1 on 1 Training

Dynamic and Creative Sequencing Course plus 1 on 1 with Dianne
$ 597
  • Creating Student Focuses Sequences​
  • Foundational Sequences​
  • Specialized Sequences
  • Dial it up/Dial it Down Template - Bonus​
  • Creative Sequencing Workbook
  • MasterClass - Bonus
  • Access to the Monthly Invite only Master Classs
  • Five 1 on 1 Calls with Dianne
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Guarantee seal.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think you’ll love this course and that it will change your yoga classes for the better. If you decide within the first 14 days that this course just simply isn’t for you, we understand and we’ll offer you a full refund. Simply email us within 14 days of purchase and we will make it right.

Don't wait! Look at what past students have to say about training with Dianne!

Yoga Doesn't Have to Be Complicated.
My biggest a-ha was realizing that yoga didn't have to be complicated. This course will make you a more versatile teacher.
Heather Young
Yoga Teacher
Take This Course.
If you would like to be the best yoga teacher you can be, take this class! Personally I feel it has transformed my way of thinking, made me a better friend, teacher and human being.
Beverlee Bertinetti
Yoga Teacher
Countless Ways to Teach a Pose.
There are countless ways to teach a single pose. You are limited by your imagination. You make the pose work for the person, not the other way around.
Andrea DiMaio
Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

Any yoga teacher (or yoga teacher in training) who wants to improve their sequencing skills will benefit from learning to create intuitive, accessible yoga sequences.

No! This course is geared towards teachers, but it’s an excellent resource to improve your personal practice

You have lifetime unlimited access to the course so that you can access the content whenever you want.

Yes! This course is completely online so you work through the course material whenever works best for you.

Yes! Creative & Accessible Sequencing is a great way to supplement what you learned in your 200-hour yoga teacher training and will help you feel more confident teaching faster.

Yes! Creative & Accessible Sequencing is a great way to reinvigorate your teaching practice with creative transitions and ways to make your classes more accessible.

Yes! Dianne Bondy is a YACEP with Yoga Alliance. Teachers who complete all 7 hours of training will receive 7 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Dianne Bondy smiles at the camera with hands in namaste.

Let's change yoga together, one class at a time.

I believe that yoga truly is for everyone. If you believe that too, and you’d like to reinvigorate your classes with intuitive and accessible flows, I’d love it if you’d join us on this course. Together, we can change the face of yoga.

With gratitude,