It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to spend some time blogging. I have truly missed it. It has been a whirl-wind few weeks. The Eastside Shala Students graduated, we hosted Mira Shani , and Eastside Yoga Studio  performed a demo at the Health and Lifestyle Expo -wow and that was all is one weekend! It has been craziness all around.  I needed some time away. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to head out to Miami for a few days and study Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with my mentor and teacher John Friend. It was a brilliant and amazing experience.

I have noticed lately that yoga is becoming more and more extreme. We here in the West feel the need to make everything faster and harder. In the past 5 -10 years yoga has boomed and enjoyed great success. We have seen many styles develop and we have added our western lifestyle to this eastern practice.  We have seen yoga go from being a path to spiritual awareness to the burn for the best yoga body. We have removed the spirituality of the practice in the hopes having a really great ass. In this quest and focus on the physical attributes of yoga we are often increasing injuries in our body.

The newest trend in yoga is called Aerial Yoga. In Aerial yoga you hang from the celing in hammock like cloths. This support can aid you in delving deeper into the asana. Sometimes I wonder if the asana is really the focus of this practice or if it just something marketed as “fun” and “trendy” in order to fill up studios.  I am sure it is a lot of fun hanging upside down while doing the splits but I am not sure I can find true enlightenment if I am not grounded on the Earth. I had the opportunity to experience hot yoga. It is the latest and greatest trend to take off. I know it has been around for a number of years and is finally hitting its stride now. I took a  hot class this past summer and I was so exhausted and dehydrated I could not remember what I did in the class. For the rest of that day I was a puddle~alas hot yoga is not for me. I am not sure that these practices are assesible to everyone as yoga should be.

As I watch the practice of yoga evolve, expand and diverge on to different paths I love to keep it simple and sweet for myself and my students. I don’t want yoga to become too trendy. Something that only beautiful, flexible and  those who want to hang from rafters can do. I want my yoga to transform my life, soul, spirit and body. I want yoga to be about helping  people transform, healing physical and mental pain. I am really not interested in hanging from ceiling or frying my body and brain.

I was really empowered to find the therapeutics of yoga through  my teacher John Friend. He taught me through devotion to grace and really great alignment that  I could become stronger and live life with greater ease.  It is about healing the body through grace and asana practice. Taking this ancient practice refining the alignment and clearing injuries from the  body which allows us the capability to become stronger within our minds.  Clearing painful injuries from the body can allow us to focus our energies  on greater endeavours.

Last week I learned that I didn’t need to be defined my physical limitations or injuries.  Through the power of yoga,  I could clear not only my mind but the injuries that I suffered from living on this planet. All I needed was grace, my mat and to believe that I could be better.   Proper alignment removes blocked energy in the body. When prana- life force energy- moves freely healing can occur and disease and injuries can be eliminated. You have the power to heal yourself. As yoga moves toward intensely heated practices and acrobatics,  I am looking to simplify my practice by aligning with divine grace and healing my body through the practice of asana… for me  it is just grace, love  and my mat.

Peace and love