Making Yoga Accessible to All

A leader in the accessible yoga movement, Dianne didn’t always feel comfortable in traditional yoga spaces. As a black woman in a larger body, she was met with skeptical looks from teachers and studio staff even though she had been practicing yoga since she was three. When Dianne became a teacher, she decided to make studio a space where anyone who wished to practice yoga could do so in an inclusive yoga space. Yoga For All was born.

Dianne’s years as a studio owner and teacher made it clear that feeling excluded from traditional yoga spaces was something that many people experienced. Dianne became a teacher of teachers and instilled in her teacher trainees that everyone is worthy of a yoga practice and the self-acceptance and self-awareness that the practice offered.

Now Dianne is bringing her unique approach to making yoga inclusive and accessible to YTT programs and studios around the world with her Yoga For All Workshops.

Explore inclusive and accessible yoga

Yoga For All is offered in an intensive weekend that includes sessions that explore:

  • Confronting our own bias when faced with people who are different from us
  • Fostering community and a sense of belonging in the classroom and studio
  • Creating inclusive and customized classes for all bodies
  • Using props and variations to make asana accessible for all bodies
  • The impact of diet and beauty cultures on yoga and the world at large
  • Creating accessible yoga spaces

Participants will explore innovative solutions to posture challenges and learn how to adjust any pose so that it better fits their unique body. The Yoga For All Workshop includes opportunities for participants to ask questions in a brave and affirming space.

Participants who complete all 15 contact hours will receive a certificate of completion. Registered yoga teachers can submit this certificate for CEUs through Yoga Alliance.

“My big takeaway is the encouragement you gave us to use creativity to break down the traditional asanas into moves that people at different levels of ability are able to safely perform, moves that can help them improve at their own pace – and also some very practical how-to strategies so I could wrap my mind around how to do that! It’s challenging to teach a variety of different levels in the same class. I have been working at that for years – struggling to figure out how to do that. This course has really helped me develop that skill with confidence and with practical applications.” ~ H. Borden

Bring the Yoga For All Workshop to your yoga studio

If you want to create a community of inclusion and bolster social change through your yoga teacher training programs, Yoga For All can help you do it.

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