Keynote Speaker Addressing Bias

Keynote Speaker Addressing Bias

How Do You See the World?

Bias. Favoritism. Intolerance. Preference. Prejudice.

No matter what you call it, you can’t escape bias. It’s all around us, we don’t like to think about it—and whether we like it or not, bias consciously and unconsciously influences our interactions with the world.

Bias is a lot like the saying, “I can’t see the forest through the trees.” It’s there in front of us like the trees blocking our view of the forest. We can’t see it even though we are looking right at it. But once we know what to look for, we will begin to see that bias is everywhere in our lives.

Approaching Difficult Topics With Grace

Not many people are comfortable talking about a loaded topic like prejudice or intolerance, but Dianne has the powerful ability to broach difficult subjects like bias in a way that encourages audiences to speak openly about them. 

Dianne’s willingness to ask the tough questions with kindness, look at the facts without flinching, and hold space for participants to reflect on their roles in perpetuating sizeist, ageist, sexist, ableist, or racist agendas has the potential to impart lasting change.

Dianne speaks passionately about the following accessibility topics:

  • Recognizing bias as a reaction that all humans experience
  • Confronting our own bias when faced with people who are different from us
  • Confronting the bias you see inflicted upon others in your life

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If you want to create a community of inclusion, bolster social change, Dianne can help you do it.