Yoga Teacher Resources

Yoga Teacher Resources

Expand Your Teaching Practice: Welcome Everyone to the Mat

Mainstream yoga culture depicts yoga as a practice for the rich, thin, and ultra-flexible. In this way, yoga culture perpetuates the same exclusions many of us face in society as a whole.

All ages, ethnicities, body types, and ability levels can—and should—practice yoga. Yoga is for everyone. As a yoga teacher, you have the ability to shift consciousness and raise spirits by welcoming more people to experience an inclusive and accessible yoga practice. You can encourage people to step onto the mat with compassion and self-love.

Together, we can use the principles and practices of yoga to change the world.

Resources for Teachers

Are you a yoga teacher looking to make your classes more inclusive? Do you have students that you wish you could help, but aren’t sure how? Check out the resources below.

Not a Teacher?