Changing Yoga: One Teacher at a Time

Dianne Bondy and Three Yoga StudentsThe yoga industry is changing as new students make their way to the mat. Dianne is leading the charge to make yoga accessible and inclusive of everyone regardless of age, size, race, ability and experience level. As a life-long yoga practitioner and a teacher of yoga teachers, Dianne helps new and experienced yoga teachers alike grasp that everyone is worthy of a yoga practice and the self-acceptance and self-awareness that the practice offers.

Now Dianne is bringing her unique approach to making yoga inclusive and accessible to YTT programs and studios around the world with her Yoga For All Workshops and Diversity Training.

What You Can Expect

When you hire Dianne to guest teach at your studio or yoga event, you can expect:

  • A 1:1 consultation call to understand the scope of your event, topic, objectives, and audience
  • Customized content created specifically to meet your organization’s goals
  • Social media and blog promotion for all public access yoga events to Dianne’s social networks
  • Post-event call to review event outcomes and ensure client satisfaction
  • Timely and professional communications with the Dianne Bondy Yoga team

Book a Yoga Workshop at Your Yoga Studio

If you want to create a community of inclusion and bolster social change at your studio, Dianne can help you do it.

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