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Yoga is for All of us

One of the highlights of my Yoga journey was the opportunity to work with Pennington on the #Iwontcompromise campaign.

This commercial represented a shift in how we see yoga bodies. It's a testament to what fat bodies can do.

A huge thank you to all the companies out there that do the work of inclusion and representation. It's important to show more diversity in the type of bodies that are considered fit.

All bodies are good bodies, and we all deserve beautiful things that help us appreciate the skin we live in!

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Toronto Yoga Show Yoga Alliance Event April 1st 2017

Dubuque Yoga Festival April 28th-30th

Body Image and Self-Esteem Conference with NEDIC, Toronto, May 11 and 12, 2017

Join the world’s leading adaptive Yoga teachers for a weekend of education, community-building, and inspiration. We’ll explore ways to make Yoga available to everyone regardless of ability. All Yoga students and teachers are welcome.

Body Love Retreat with Dianne Bondy and Donna Noble Now is the time for you. Come away to France take a moment for yourself. This retreat is for you and about you. After all,  you deserve it. Come as you are and learn to appreciate the beauty that resides within you.   We invite you […]