Diversity Speaker

Diversity Speaker

Changing the World, One Yoga Practice at a Time

As a woman of color living in a larger body, Dianne is leading significant change in an industry dominated by people who are young, thin, flexible, white and able-bodied. Dianne began practicing yoga at a young age and has through the years experienced both subtle and not-so-subtle instances of sexism, racism, ableism and sizeism in yoga spaces. Her role as a yoga teacher and leader of the Yoga For All movement have provided the opportunity to work to change the industry that once regarded her with suspicion for being different.

Celebrating Our Differences

Dianne speaks passionately about diversity topics including:

  • Confronting our own bias when faced with people who are different from us
  • Fostering community and a sense of belonging in any space
  • Creating inclusive work environments
  • The impact of diet and beauty cultures on our interactions and self-image
  • Creating brave spaces to talk about diversity, inclusion and our roles in systematic oppression of people who are different from us

Book Dianne Bondy to Speak About Diversity & Inclusion

If you want to create a community of inclusion, bolster social change, Dianne can help you do it.

We were thrilled to get Dianne Bondy as the keynote speaker for the 2015 Race and Yoga Conference. She moved the audience with the story of how she embraced yoga, and came to know herself as a phenomenal woman in the process. What she recounted was specific to her experience, but like every great storyteller, she delivered it in a way that resonated with everyone in attendance.”