Eating Disorder Recovery Speaker

Eating Disorder Recovery Speaker

Vibrant Living: Thriving After an Eating Disorder (ED)

A world-renowned yoga teacher and social justice activist, Dianne Bondy is also a fierce warrior speaking out against diet culture and traditional beauty standards. In recovery for an eating disorder, Dianne understands the urge to change one’s body and also how to make peace with it through self-acceptance and self-care. She has shared her powerful story with eating disorder specialists and at industry events.

“No matter who you are or what you look like, you are enough. Don’t let anyone tell you your body has ‘figure flaws.’ That would mean there is such a thing as a perfect body. The perfect body is a beauty myth. We are fortunate to have mother nature create a body that is perfect for us.”


Making Peace With the Body

Dianne’s lifelong yoga practice was a powerful tool in her recovery and has provided her with a platform to educate people about the dangers of diet culture and the beauty industrial complex. Dianne shares her story with vulnerability and authenticity that will resonate with health professionals, people living with eating disorders, fitness professionals, yoga teachers, and college students alike. She empowers her audiences to open up to the possibility of self-love and the discovery of their truest selves.

Dianne speaks passionately about the following eating disorder-related topics:

  • Self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Self-care
  • Developing a healthy body image
  • Yoga and mindfulness as a tool for healing
  • Challenging the status quo of the beauty industry and diet culture
  • Speaking out against systems of oppression
  • Taking risks and believing in oneself

Book Dianne Bondy to Speak About Eating Disorder Recovery and Self-Acceptance

If you want to create a community of inclusion, bolster social change, Dianne can help you do it.

“Dianne was a keynote speaker at NEDIC’s 2017 conference, and also delivered a community workshop. She is an engaging speaker with tremendous presence, and a remarkable gift for making individuals feel powerful. Even as she discusses difficult subjects like eating disorders, Dianne’s dynamic and inclusive delivery creates a feeling of empowerment throughout the room.”


“Dianne presented her authentic self while standing in her power. She showed her acceptance of vulnerability as necessary to her own journey of self-compassion. Dianne’s understanding of justice, discrimination, and societal norms was inspiring to all of us. Finally, she shared that developing a healthy body image is a process mindfulness and acceptance of self. Dianne was a gift that has moved all of us to explore our own true selves.”