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Travel and yoga are two of my favourite things. I hope we can connect in our travels and practice together. 🙂

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Conshohocken Pennsylvania October 27th Yoga Home Bridging the Divide and Yoga is For Everyone
Galapagos November 9-16th Galapagos Retreat


Sedona Arizona March 12-16th Sedona Yoga Festival
Dordogne France May 30th-June 6th France Yoga Retreat

Conshohocken Pennsylvania Yoga Home October 27th Bridging the Divide: Yoga, The Body Image Connection and Social Justice

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Yoga Home
424 E Elm St Ste 100, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428
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As a physical practice with a focus on mindful movement, yoga provides us with a unique opportunity to explore our own bodies through a loving and empathetic lens. And at the same time, participating in a consistent yoga practice can influence us in both positive and negative ways. During this workshop, we’ll explore social justice as a spiritual practice by exploring the teachings of the sutras, the eight limbs of yoga as well as current yoga culture and systems of oppression.

In our time together, we’ll look at how do we define terms like “body positivity” and consider how the message behind this movement been diluted and co-opted. We’ll take a critical look at how we are perpetuating stereotypes and systems of oppression within the yoga community and how we, as participants in yoga culture, create barriers to accessibility, inclusion and community.

Topics for discussion include but are not limited to:
– What does current yoga culture tell us about our bodies?
– Can yoga, as a social justice practice, help us change the narratives surrounding good and bad bodies?
– What are the principles of the ‘Health At Every Size’ movement?
– How do we determine which bodies are are deserving of justice and why?
– Who are the gatekeepers of yoga and why?
– How do we create a more equitable yoga practice?
– What personal responsibilities do we carry as teachers and students of this practice?
– Can we utilize the teachings of yoga to inform healthy and accessible self-care practices?
– How can the tenants of yoga help us heal our communities?
– How do we create a practice that encourages activism, peace, connection and community?
– Who leads the charge?

This workshop includes a physical practice and will be accessible to all level of practitioner.

For more than twenty years, Dianne Bondy has been leading a yoga revolution, empowering students to come to the mat as they are, educating teachers on the need for inclusivity in yoga and leading systematic change within the yoga industrial complex. She is the author of Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body.



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Conshohocken Pennsylvania Yoga Home October 27th Yoga is For Everyone: Practice and Book Signing

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Yoga Home
424 E Elm St Ste 100, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428
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Join yoga teacher, activist and author Dianne Bondy for an accessible exploration of the yoga practice and her new book, Yoga is for Everyone: 50 Types of Poses for Every Body.

Yoga Practice will explore “prop asana” by using props and our ingenuity to create an accessible, inclusive, challenging and strength building asana practice. All bodies, at all levels of ability, are welcome to enjoy this customized practice that connects breath, body, and intentions on the path to self-acceptance.

As you move through this practice, you are encouraged to explore the ways in which you relate to your own body while on the mat.

What does your self-talk sound like?
Do you share the same empathy and environment of acceptance in your inner world, as you seek to share within your world at large?
Is it time to flip the some old narratives you’ve been perpetuating, especially in relation to your body and your personal power?
In our time together, we will also discuss the origins and purpose behind Dianne’s new book, Yoga For Everyone, as well as additional questions like:

Who is showing up on the mat, and why does it matter?
What role does representation play in yoga culture, and in culture at large? How can we embody and employ the yoga sutras to create opportunities for accessible and inclusive asana?
Are there unique ways in which you can use your yoga practice to promote inclusivity within your community?

This physical practice will incorporate pieces of our previous discussion on body image and social justice from Dianne’s earlier workshop (9a-12pm). We will use our mindful, prop assisted practice, to integrate our new discoveries in the applications of yoga as a tool for social justice and healing. (Don’t worry – you don’t need to have attended the previous workshop to enjoy a rich discussion in this class!)


$45.00 Includes Dianne’s Book

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Galapagos Islands Nov 9-16, 2019

Book Retreat

Let’s explore how we make peace with our bodies. It’s time we let go of all that holds us back from experiencing the fullness of life. Become immersed in Dianne’s signature spirit of compassionate self-love and radical self-acceptance. And what better place with the Galapagos islands as your backdrop!? Through her guided meditation practices, expertly sequenced Yoga For All practices, and enlightened conversations, you’ll uncover insights into your deepest desires and personal strength.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn practical tools, meditations, yoga postures and intelligent modifications designed to re-connect you with your body and desires
  • Let go of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs through practical techniques and daily strategies
  • Re-connect with your body and mind through self-reflection
  • Join like-minded soul shakers who are looking to make a difference in the world
  • Discover the techniques of radical self-acceptance

Your days will be filled with wellness and maximum exploration – starting and ending the days on your yoga mat with sweeping views of Santa Cruz Island and giant tortoises beyond the yoga shala as they roam around the property. Be prepared to see everything and anything in the Galapagos with your handpicked guide accompanying you and giving you a local flavour of the beauty of the islands.

Celebrate your uniquely beautiful self, cultivate a whole new level of self-awareness, and emerge feeling more focused, centered and accepting of who you are and all you stand for.

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Sedona Arizona Yoga Festival March 12-16th, 2020

Yoga Lifestyle Inspiration For Beginners
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I’m honored to announce that I’ll be joining the INCREDIBLE faculty for Sedona Yoga Festival 2020—and I couldn’t be more excited that we’re co-creating together! From the spiritual heritage of yoga to the future of the practice as we know it, this is a unique opportunity to explore and evolve in one of the most transformative environments on the planet. I hope you’ll join me for an unforgettable 3+ days of peace, yoga practice, conversation and celebration! All levels are welcome…your evolution is virtually guaranteed.

SYF2020 is a unique opportunity to gather together in joyful pursuit of possibility, in one of the most transformative environments on the planet. Surrounded by natural beauty and swirling in intentional energy, you’ll enjoy three days of peace, practice, conversation and celebration. Craft your own evolutionary path with a customizable curriculum. From the spiritual heritage of yoga to the future of the practice as we know it, you’ll expand and explore under the guidance of our esteemed faculty—and in the embrace of your peers.

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Dordogne France Retreat May 30th-June 6th, 2020

More details to come.