Yoga For All Weekend in Madison, Wisconsin


Yoga For All  Join me for an empowering series of workshops. Choose any 1, or attend all 5 for a discounted price. Any single session $50 Entire Series (5 workshops) - Click Here To Register Non-Members Price $225 Entire Series (5 workshops) - Members Only Price ( also valid price for Continue Reading

Yoga and Social Impact

Introducting Amara Miller   One of my favorite bloggers and social justice activists. Amara Miller has opened my eyes on how yoga and social justice comes together. I think as a culture we forget that everything is political including yoga. The message we are sending the world through Continue Reading

Cobra Free Vinyasa

Dianne Bondy Cobra Free Vinyasa

Sometimes, when you're doing a vinyasa sequence, boobs and belly can get in the way. Especially if you're in a bigger, or curvy body. Modifications are often the answer to what frustrates us in our yoga practice. Here's a simple modified Sun Salutation without cobra pose that will really Continue Reading

Prop 2.0. Rocking My Props !


It is May! This is my absolute most favorite time of the year.  I am celebrating getting more active and the warm weather. This is my morning practice. It is totally unedited and completely real.. I will be putting together a class for which is all about the props! Continue Reading