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Yoga became a practice reserved exclusively for the privileged few: wealthy, thin, young, flexible, white and able-bodied. Dianne knew that yoga benefits all bodies, regardless of their shape, size, age, ethnicity or ability; and she built educational curriculum and continuing education classes to support that vision. Because yoga is for every body – no exceptions.

She spoke truth to power and became a sought-after, public speaker. Dianne speaks about topics such as allyship, disordered eating and body image, the importance of holistic self-care, and more. Just as she has done for more than twenty years, Dianne continues to lead a revolution.

She is empowering students to come to the mat as they are, educating teachers on the need for inclusivity in their classes and leading systematic change within the industrial complex that is our society.


Never one to sit back, Dianne continues to challenge stereotypes, bias and more. Through her workshops, public speaking and training courses, she is committed to making the world accessible, without limitations, for every one.

As part of this vision, she is making her classes more immediately available by offering them online. She can reach and support more yogis, students and communities; helping them all to make positive changes in their world. And, with a new found interest in Pilates, Dianne is learning a new movement modality and, once again, changing the conversation about inclusivity in the space.


Diversity, Equity, Well-Being & Belonging

  • Designed to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Develop understanding for diverse experiences
  • Foster an inclusive community
  • Learn why well-being is important

Yoga for Everyone

  • Learn to teach those with non-traditional yoga bodies
  • Develop and offer new pose modifications
  • Build your own confidence and skills as a teacher
  • Attract more students

200 HR Yoga Teacher Training

  • Learn body mechanics, anatomy & physiology
  • Develop skills for class design & equitable cueing
  • All eight (8) limbs of yoga
  • Foundations in social justice as it pertains to yoga & teaching


For more than 20 years, Dianne has led conferences, workshops, specialized training courses, public and private events for universities, professional associations, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and yoga organizations around the world. Her passion and enthusiasm for connecting with people enable her to lead critical conversations on sensitive subjects with ease and grace.

Dianne is a passionate speaker and frequently covers topics such as disordered eating, accessible yoga, entrepreneurship, self-empowerment and more. These sessions are powerful, helping attendees shift the way they think and move about the world and their place in it.

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Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and leader of the Yoga For All movement.  Her approach to yoga empowers anyone to practice—regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability. Dianne is revolutionizing yoga by educating yoga instructors around the world.

Cover of Yoga Where You Are: Customize Your Practice for Your Body and Your Life.

Yoge Where You Are: Customize Your Practice for Your Body & Your Life

Find freedom in your yoga practice with this empowering guide from Dianne Bondy and Yoga International editor-in-chief Kat Heagberg. Yoga Where You Are welcomes readers of all backgrounds, body sizes, and abilities into the practice of yoga.

The cover of Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body.

Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body

Listed on the New York Times’ bestsellers list, Yoga for Everyone allows everyone, no matter who you are, what you look like, or what your abilities are, to do yoga with 50 poses with adaptations for every type of body.

Yoga For Everyone Tank Top

Get Dianne’s new signature tank top! This is a cotton blend tank top, printed with the Yoga For Everyone motto and logo.

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